Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy is an innovative treatment that can improve the healing of wide array of conditions. Dr. Frank Shallenberger brought Medical Ozone Therapy from Europe and began training doctors in the United States in 1993. He went on to develop Prolozone®, an innovative, minimally invasive, and cost effective chronic pain injection.

There are many ways to apply Medical Ozone Therapy. The most common applications at The AIM Clinic include:

  • IV Ozone (MAH, 10-Pass, EBO2)
  • Prolozone® Injections
  • CheZone™
  • IM Ozone (mAH)
  • Nasal Ozone Oil Inhalation
  • Ear Insufflation
  • Vaginal Insufflation
  • Bladder Insufflation
  • Nasal Insufflation
  • Ozone Infrared Sauna
  • Rectal Insufflation

Effects of Medical Ozone

  • Immune System Enhancer: Ozone can be used for chronic infections and cancer to enhance the body’s immune responses.
  • Oxygen Uptake Enhancement: Ozone stimulates the enzyme diphosphoglycerate (DPG) which causes hemoglobin to release oxygen. Without adequate DPG, our cells become starved for oxygen.
  • Circulation Improvement: Ozone improves the flow characteristics of blood as a liquid, which allows for greater delivery of oxygen to cells.
  • Antioxidant Protection Improvement: Ozone stimulates the production of antioxidants.
  • Mitochondrial Enhancement-Ozone stimulates the mitochondria to improve in function. The common thread amongst nearly all chronic diseases is decreased mitochondrial energy production therefore improving mitochondrial function is considered essential for healing.


Dr. Andrew Chevalier and Susie Clare, NP-C are trained by Dr. Frank Shallenberger for Ozone Therapy and Prolozone®.

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