What is Lyme Disease?

Lyme Disease is the most common condition treated at The AIM Clinic. All of the advanced therapeutics at our clinic were added to better treat this growing disease epidemic.


The primary cause of Lyme Disease is the transmission of the bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi through tick bites. However, many patients do not remember being bit by a tick yet have positive tests and clinical symptoms of Lyme Disease. Therefore, many question whether there are other ways of acquiring Lyme Disease.

Lyme Disease Testing

For various reasons, both known and unknown, the standard testing for Lyme Disease has a very low sensitivity. This means that if you have Lyme Disease, you could have a 51% chance of being told you don’t have Lyme Disease. Clinically, it has been observed that the longer Lyme Disease is present, the less likely it will appear as a positive test. At The AIM Clinic, we offer testing which increases likelihood of a true positive result compared to conventional screening tests.

The AIM Approach

The two organizations that give recommendations regarding Lyme Disease treatment are IDSA and ILADS. One of the distinctive differences between these organizations is that the IDSA does not advise anti-infective treatments for Chronic Lyme Disease however ILADS allows for trials of individualized anti-infective treatment protocols. The AIM Clinic follows an ILADS approach and has found combining integrative medicine with anti-infective therapies to be the best treatment plan for most Chronic Lyme Disease patients.

Keys To Treatments

The cornerstone of successful Lyme Disease treatments begins with a detailed history and comprehensive testing to determine the best and safest treatment options. Sometimes patients respond very well to very simple treatment protocols. However, many patients need more innovative and comprehensive approaches.  Some of the key points in complex cases include:

Our IV Therapies include:

  • Biofilms: Chronic infections can hide within “biofilms.” Using therapies that can help penetrate biofilms is key. Typically, compounded medications are the strongest option.
  • Co-Infections: Lyme Disease is only one type of chronic infection that can occur from tick bites. Identifying and treating these infections is often essential to recovery.
  • Pulsed Treatment: By taking strategic pauses in treatment, the treatment of “persister” bacteria which hide from anti-infectives is possible. This is one of the reasons why symptoms can return even after patients have been consistently on antibiotics for years.
  • Oxygen: The bacteria the causes Lyme Disease is anaerobic which means it does not live in a high oxygen environment. By enhancing oxygen distribution through LiveO2 Oxygen Therapy and oxygen utilization through Ozone Therapy, your anti-infective treatment will be enhanced. Thus, chances relapse after treatment may be reduced.
  • IV Laser: An increasingly well researched broad spectrum anti-infective treatment is Blue Laser. With the use of an innovative, intravenous fiber-optic blue laser from Germany, we are now able to bring this strong anti-infective treatment to the blood stream. Additionally, Blue Laser can reduce inflammation, improve energy, and enhance circulation. UV, Yellow, Green, and Red wavelengths are commonly added to enhance the ant-infective, immune supportive, and regenerative effects of the Blue Laser.
  • Nutrition: A personalized anti-inflammatory, immune enhancing diet can be very beneficial for a successful Lyme Disease treatment. Your AIM Clinic doctor will discuss any questions you have regarding diet. We also offer consultation with our nutritionist for additional dietary support.
ozone therapy at The AIM Clinic

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